Super Box 300 211 Schuss

Artikel-Nr.: CB-75-K334-11
Lager: 3 Artikel an Lager

Kat.: F4
CHF 1'100.00

SUPER BOX 300 - 211 Schuss

Crackling tail. Silver tail with red comet.

Silver tail to variegated peony. Gold tail to gold strobe.

Silver tail to silver strobe. Silver tail to red polliwog.

Silver tail to silver coconut. Gold tail to gold willow.

Silver tail to red wave. Crackling tail to crackling coconut.

Crackling tail to time rain. Wave to green.

Wave to red, silver tail to red peony. Silver tail to silver peony.

Palm + crackling. Brocade mine + wave willow.

Variegated strobe Chrysanthemum.

Blue tail to crackling willow.

Green tail to red peony with palm core.

Wave to variegated. Green tail to crackling palm + variegated.

Green tail to crackling flower. Wave to green.

Wave to red. Wave willow. Crackling flower.

Crackling mine (1st layer) + golden willow w/ blue stars, Finale.

Effektdauer: ca. 280 - 320 sec.

Kaliber: 30 - 75 mm