Pluto 400 Schuss

Artikel-Nr.: CB-30-W400-27
Lager: 3 Artikel an Lager

Kat.: F4
CHF 890.00


Shot 1-60: side - silver whirling tail to lemon and purple dhalia;

middle - silver whirling tail to multicolor dhalia;

Shot 61-120: side - silver tail to gold palm chrysanthemum;

middle - blue tail to brodcade chrysanthemum;

Shot 121-180: side - brocade mine to brocade waterfall:

middle - green tail to red glitters with green palm;

Shot 181-240: red tail brocade crown red glittering/green tail brocade crown green glittering/blue tail brocade crown with blue

Shot 241-300: blue and red glitter mine to blue peony with red glitter

Shot 301-360:side: red tail golden palm green tips Middle: red tail golden palm to red tips

last 40 shots together: blue mines rising to golden strobing willow w/blue stars w/ strobing brocade tail.

Effektdauer: ca. 180 - 210 sec.

Kaliber: 30 mm